Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviews

Looking for the best grain free dog foods? Taste of the wild is surely the best options among several other grain free dog foods.The foods have natural nutritional balance with a sensation taste, high digestible energy and natural antioxidants. The food has been so popular among pet owner seeking for premium dog foods. There have been several reports of improvement in the health as well as activeness of pets after changing from most other dog foods to taste of the wild.

taste of the dog food is in both dry and wet(canned) formula. as at the time of writing this report there are six(6) taste of the wild dry dog foods and five (5) wet (canned) formula. Some of them are made are made for all stages, some for puppies while other are for grown up active dogs. Specifically there are four (4) adults formulas available in both dry and wet (canned) forms and two (2) puppy formulas available in dry forms.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Foods Formula

Southwest Canyon Canine Formula

Taste of the wild dog food3This formula contains a blend of animal protein that will give a sensation taste for all stages. it also contains vegetables and fruits such as garbanzo, beans, peas, blueberries and  raspberries for natural antioxidants.

Sierra Mountain

Taste of the wild dog food2A grain-free formula for all stages made with roasted lamp, sweet potatoes and for highly digestible energy. It is supplemented with fruits and vegetables providing natural antioxidants needed for healthy lifestyle.

High Prairie Puppy Formula

A grain free formula specifically made for growing puppies. It is made with roasted venison,  Bison, and other blend of animalprotein sources for a taste sensation. It also contains potatoes and peas for excellent digestible energy and fruits ans vegetables to provides natural antioxidants.

Pacific Stream Puppy Formula

Made with a blend of proteins  sources, pacific stream puppy formula is grain free for young growing puppies. It is rich in vegetables and fruits to deliver natural antioxidants to help support a healthy lifestyle.

High Prairie Canine Formula

Grain free formula for all active dogs rich in highly digestible energy. It is made with roasted meat (bison and venison) sweet potatoes,and peas and supplemented fruits and vegetables for adequate supply of antioxidants  for a healthy living.